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What is Forex ai Robot?

Forex ai Robot is an exclusive artificial intelligence software, designed on the foundations of 20+ years of experience with forex trading. It maximizes the possibility for healthy steady profits through a unique system, which will minimize any loss. No prior forex experience or knowledge required, we provide you with all the instructions and details on how to start.

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How does it work?


What makes us the best on the market

Reliable and Experienced

The reliability of our software is proven by the consistency in winning percentage over 20 years of historical data.

Complete Transparency

All historical data is confirmed with completely transparent results of the past 20 years.

Simple and Automatic

No experience or knowledge required, simply sign up and follow the simple instructions to start trading today!

Constantly Updating

We know that Forex trading isn’t static so we continue to develop the system and add new features to stay ahead of the curve.

Steady Growth System

A system that provides long term steady growthlow-riskw risk environment.

Completely Risk Free

No risk included whatsoever. No payment, no subscription, no memberships. Simply start using the software completely FREE of charge.

What You Get

Lowest Cost on the Market

Completely automatic

24/7 Market Analysis

Multiple Currency Pairs

No Customisation Required

Dedicated Customer Support

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Quick Installation

Works on Any Device

No Experience Required

Auto Stop Loss

Reliability and Transparency

Free Lifetime Updates


What our users say

“What I like the most with this software is how easy it is to set up. After that, you pick up very fast. Working very good so far.”

“I can’t believe they are offering it for free! Using it for a few months now and the results are better than promised.”

“It’s definitely the best bot out there. Very highly recommended.”

“Been in the industry for a very long time and it’s the first trading software I found that is actually legit!”